Iphone XS Max vs Samsung S9 Plus: A Guide To Help You Choose

Iphone XS Max vs Samsung S9 Plus

Apparently, fancy smartphones have really flooded the current world market of new technologies. This has been brought about by the competition between the smartphones producing companies that are striving to outdo each other. However, this competition has been left to the chosen few, that is the apple company and the Samsung company.

There are two smartphones from the two companies that have really taken over the smartphones’ market. Every smartphones lover will agree to the fact that iPhone XS Max and the Samsung S9 plus smartphones are gadgets to own. Not only are they fancy and expensive but their features are absolutely excellent.

Due to the fact that the two smartphones are of different brands, their features are also somehow different. So, in this case, the big question arises. Of the two phones which one is the best?

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In order to separate the wheat from the chaff, we’ll look at the following features:

  • Screen
  • Performance
  • Camera

Without further ado, let’s in details look at the above-mentioned features.

1. Screen

To begin with, iPhone XS Max has a bigger screen than all its predecessors, but we need to know how it compares with the Samsung S9 plus. Apple company is advancing for it has introduced a bigger super retina OLED display on the XS Max which is about 6.5 inches. The S9 plus is also is endowed with an OLED screen which is about 6.2 inches. So, in this case, the iPhone XS Max gadget surpass the S9+ screen size by almost a third of an inch.

In terms of screen resolution, the S9+ leads the iPhone for it has a much sharper resolution of 529ppi while the XS Max has a resolution of 458ppi. Also, the XS Max screen has notable upgrades for the picture quality of its display support both high dynamic range (HDR) in both HDR10 and Dolby vision while the S9+ only support the HDR10.

Forgetting about the screen size and the resolution comparison, the magnificent OLED technology used by both tech giants offers a sharp, dazzling and profoundly calibrated screens that every buyer will be proud of.

Winner: XS Max 

2. Camera

A camera is another important feature that cannot be overlooked. The iPhone XS Max boasts a 12 megapixels rear facing camera that is complemented with a f/1.8 wide angle and f/2.4 telephoto lenses. The features enable an intense image processing ability such that you can adjust the depth of the field after taking a snapshot.

Consequently, a galaxy S9+ also possesses a 12-megapixel posterior facing camera with a slightly wider f/1.5 lens and f/2.4 telephoto lens like those of XS Max. In terms of a frontal camera, the iPhone gadget has 7 megapixels one while the Samsung gadget has a stronger one of 8 megapixels sensors.

A common feature of both smartphones is that they support augmented reality (AR) which enable a 3D image viewing and face scanning technology. So, in comparing the two, the S9+ carries the day in terms of specs but the adjusting of the depth of the field feature of the XS Max also makes it a great phone.

3. Performance 

The S9+ possesses the latest Snapdragon 845 processor which is very powerful and plies most tasks efficiently. However, the new A12 chip found in XS Max is way better for it makes the video games look wondrous.

The sort of speed that the new A12 chip provides turns the performance tie into an out-and-out gap. So, in this case, the iPhone carries the day.

Final Verdict 

Although both phones are noble, the iPhone XS Max carries the day due to its high-performance speed and the camera technology. It’s an exorbitant phone compared to the S9+ but the price is worth it.